Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching – Ann Engels –

I help fellow human beings to embrace the journey of transformation with curiosity and confidence so they can discover their authentic, creative and powerful self.

We’ll meet where you are:
- you feel that you are pushed to your limits in personal and professional relationships
- you feel overwhelmed, stuck, confused and a loss of energy
- you feel ready for a deep change but don’t know how to start

An empowering truth: 
The pain you feel is a great opportunity to learn and to transform. 
In fact, it is the starting point of the transformational journey.

In our coaching sessions we bring awareness to what-is. In a very safe and non-judgmental space we slow down and we deeply explore what-is. We discover what is false and what is true, we transform in the present moment. 
We work at the root cause.

What you will experience with me as a coach:
It is an antidote for everything that stops you from being authentic.
Deep listening increases the quality of exploring and thinking, 
it may even invite you into silence and pure creative awareness.
I stay with you in a non-judgmental way 
in order to facilitate a safe process of personal growth. 
As a coach and human being I feel attracted to the turtle
Patience, no rushing – slow pace - going deep : they go together
I will ask you questions that can make you say “That’s a good question.” 
They break the old thinking pattern that doesn’t serve you.
As you haven’t any reaction immediately from the ‘old’ mind, 
you can start to learn something completely new.
Now there comes space for a breakthrough -> insight like a flash -> freedom & learning

Every confusion, conflict or sorrow is created by the mind and can never be ended by the mind. It can only be ended by a deep understanding from the heart.”

Once we see the power of transformation, the whole view of life starts to shift and with clarity we start to live life contributing to something that is much bigger than our small selves. 

Transformation isn’t a fixed state of being, we get possibilities to transform in abundance, during our whole lifetime journey. Transformation makes us live with clarity and confidence in an ever changing and challenging world, and in ever changing relationships. Slowly we learn to become sensitive for transformation opportunities.

"Transformation is not in the future, can never be in the future. 
It can only be now, from moment to moment...
Seeing the false as the false and the true as the true is transformation, 
because when you see something very clearly as the truth, that truth liberates."

J. Krishnamurti, The First and Last Freedom



My work is based on 4 pillars: self-knowledge, understanding of the human conditioning, art of listening, presence.

Deep transformation starts with freeing yourself by laying a deep, strong and sane psychological foundation. 

The deep understanding of what we are brings psychological freedom, clarity, wisdom, intelligence, energy, vitality, creativity, action, beauty... It opens the door to living life fully and authentically. 

Awareness, which does not come from the field of the ego mind, goes hand in hand with compassion and love, including self-compassion and self-love.
Compassion and love are powerful natural qualities of humans, which are often suppressed by our ego.
Transformation is a natural process, and it brings inner peace and joy. 



ICF Certified Diploma Transformational Coaching (Animas UK), 
Certificates in Group Coaching and Facilitating (Animas), 
Existential Coaching (Yannick Jacob), 
Existential Wellbeing counseling: a person-centered approach (KU Leuven), 
7 days silent retreat Shamata (Tibetan Institute), 
Retreats with School for Self-Inquiry as a participant and/or co-facilitator. (B, F, CH, P, D, IL)

BEFORE STARTING A COACHING JOURNEY, we take our time to meet in-person or online, to talk and to explore what can be helpful on your path of personal growth.