Journalist Greet De Keyser and the Fidelio String Quartet

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Greet De Keyser and the Fidelio String Quartet(in Dutch or English)The programme naturally focuses on the US as seen through the ‘great eyes’ (dixit G.W.Bush) of Greet De Keyser, who is still living in WashingtonDC. Like no other she can point out the similarities and the differences between the US and Belgium. And tell us how the Americans look upon our tiny country. Moreover, in the run-up to the presidency you will be able to grab some inside information. To cool the overwrought brain after so much information the Fidelio String Quartet and Marc Matthys (with or without jazz trio) treat you to a delightful American programme in which Scott Joplin, Cole Porter and Duke Ellington hold pride of place. A bubbling cauldron of classic, ragtime, jazz, Broadway and film music.

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